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When companies are serious about safety

Engage the Power of Commitment

It's about the people

we recruit, train, and retain the best personnel that are fit for purpose to support our customer's specific needs.

It's about the culture

we specialize in engaging organizations at every level to ensure safety.

It's about commitment

ISS has been committed to the mission of delivering excellence in the field of safety for more than twenty years; this is manifested through the commitment our team demonstrates to the people they serve.




Many organizations find that outsourcing of safety compliance efforts to proven safety professionals is the most cost effective way to achieve success.

Industrial Safety Solutions is the leader in providing site safety professionals to industry. Our focus is to deliver leaders who are "fit for purpose" to your particular project and operations.

ISS provides an immersive program that allows companies to demonstrate their deep commitment to ensuring a safe work culture. This multi-day course develops vital leadership skills centered around safe work practices and managing safe work.

ISS is well versed in helping to ensure that your contractors are compliance with health and safety protocols.
Our process helps minimize incidents, limit liability, and create an exception that ensures the highest level of safety on site.

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Fall Protection


Human Performance

Industrial Safety Solutions personnel focus on the individual worker in order to maximize their performance within the overall system. This is accomplished through a thorough process of connect, discover, and act.

Beyond the Technical

  • Self-awareness:Knowing one's own strength, weaknesses, drivers, and values and the impact they have on interactions with others.
  • Self-regulation:the ability to control or redirect disruptive situations as well as the ability to think before acting.
  • Motivation:understanding the why and then working toward the how in order to keep employees motivated.
  • Empathy:understanding how others see the world and possessing the skill of treating people according to their particular reality.

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